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10:30am 16/08/2008
  the lyrics b/c I'm obsessed and bored.Collapse )  
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12:54pm 05/09/2007
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04:37pm 13/06/2007
  This video was made for the 2007 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Festival. Our Genre regretably was Romance but we were able to put our own kind of twist on it. The other elements provided by the competition were Character: Mike Martin, travel agent. Prop: pillow. and Line of Dialogue: "Nevermind, I'll do it myself." Please comment on youtube, rate our video, repost. The film can also be seen at our website.

This film will be shown along with other entries at Landmark Midtown Art Center at 9:30 tonight (Wednesday June 13th). It will sell out, so tickets can be bought with a credit card at
i NEED this movie   
11:04pm 24/04/2007
  The Happiness of the Katakuris.

But I can't find it on something that isn't a Region 2 disc that isn't $50.00. if you can find me a copy for under this price that will actually play on my dvd player, then I will have your babies.
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07:13pm 05/09/2006
  dear god this weekend was a blast. every year just keeps getting better and better. usually my livejournal is private but this entry i will be keeping public for a while so i can refer people to instead of cross-posting this thing 100 times. went to some great panels including getting to listen to david lloyd (v for vendetta) and george FUCKING romero. of course we got to see the cruxshadows and voltaire play. i took 241 pictures. lol. i am posting only a few.

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needless to say i spent lots of money, bought lots of cool things and slept for a day and a half afterwards.
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hey everybody   
07:59pm 06/04/2005

had to privatize due to stupid peopleCollapse )
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